The Essential Items That You Have To Take Camping

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There are certain items that everyone knows they need to take with them when camping including a backpack and sleeping bag. However, there are other essential items that you should be taking when camping that you could forget about. These items will ensure that you are safe while camping and that you always have everything that you need.

A First Aid Kit

One of the essential camping accessories ( that you need to have, but that many people forget about, is a good first aid kit. When you are camping, there is a chance for cuts, scratches, and burns which need to be treated as soon as possible. You should never arrive at your campsite without a first aid kit and you should never go hiking without one.

A Pack Of Matches

Unless you were a star member of the scouts, you are going to need some form of flame to start a fire. When camping without a fire, you will be rather miserable as the nights will be colder and you will not have any hot food. This is why you need to have a pack of matches with you when you go camping. Some people choose to have a lighter, but the mechanism could fail and leave you without a flame.

A Camping Tent

There’s no better way to connect with nature then to sleep outdoors in a tent. You get to experience the full weather, smells, nature and generally a more fun experience when sleeping outdoors. There are many camping tents to choose from in various shapes, sizes and colors. So be sure to read several camping tent reviews before choosing the best one for your needs.

A Flashlight

A flashlight or lantern is another essential that you have to have when camping. You will need these items when you have to venture to the bathroom in the evening or when you want to find something around the campsite. You may want to consider getting a headlamp because this leaves both of your hands free. Additionally, you should store the light somewhere accessible when you are in your car for the times when you arrive at the campsite after dark.

A Pocket Knife

Another camping essential is a pocket knife or Swiss army knife. This item will take up very little space, but provides you with a range of tools that you might need. The knife will have scissors, a knife blade, a saw and much more which will make camping much easier.

Alternative Weather Wear

Checking the weather before you leave is important, but you never know when the weather will turn. This is why you need to pack an extra set of clothing for alternative weather conditions. This extra set of clothing will also be useful if you get wet as you will be able to put something dry on.

Why I Love My Tofu Press

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Too many people are not able to eat tofu as well as they need to and that is a real shame.

It is smarter to look at eating tofu the way you are supposed to because it is going to be a game-changer. This is why a tofu press is one of the most important additions to the cooking process and is going to help push things along.

Of all the cooking gadgets you can buy, here are the main advantages of having a tofu press and preparing tofu the way it should be in this day and age.

1) Better Texture

The main benefit is going to involve the texture because of how much water is sucked in.

The water is not going to get out until you have a proper tofu press in place and that is how it becomes advantageous. It is able to help with the preparation of tofu by making sure the water is pressed out as soon as you want it to be.

This is going to make the process simpler and you are going to have great tofu on your hands as soon as you want. The texture is simply going to win you over.

2) Better Taste

The taste is what matters and you don’t want to eat bland tofu that is not going to have the same zest that you would often expect to have.

This is a real problem for people who don’t think about taste and assume it is going to be okay to wing it as is. This is where you have to take a step back and make sure you are as patient as you need to be. Look at the taste and know it is the water that is getting in the way so getting rid of it is a must.

3) Added Consistency

Consistency is something people want when it comes to tofu and it is hard to find when the traditional methods are used. It ends up requiring attention to detail and noteworthy expertise to get it spot on, which is something the average person doesn’t have.

To do this the right way and get consistent results, it becomes important to recognize the value of owning the best tofu press on the market.

These are benefits that do matter in the long-term as you are hoping to prepare great tofu as soon as possible.

Look at all of these advantages of a tofu press and know it is one of the best additions to your setup and is a must. It is going to be a game-changer when it comes to how the tofu is prepared and how great it tastes as soon as you put it in your mouth. It is going to have that overall quality to it that is impossible to ignore and is going to win you over. Too many people don’t make good tofu and think it is a bad option when it has more to do with getting the water out with a tofu press.

Feeling Better

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Since I am feeling more like myself I am missing A Bookish Girl and have decided to just blog here when I can. I have a lot of new ideas especially about journaling, I have started a Commonplace Book and will be working on a single sentence journal, which might be hard because I am not sure I can just write one sentence out of all the things in a day how do you just write one sentence!

Of course I will be sharing some of my entries with you and I will be exploring my writings and art on here more, no more separating, no more worries just me.