Friday, January 24, 2014

House of BathoryHouse of Bathory by Linda Lafferty
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Genre: Historical Fiction

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, with a mix of the modern and the historical, the House of Bathory, had me on the edge of my seat (well it was my bed but you know what I mean)!

The parallels between Zuzana and Betsy's are wide in respect to their situations in life but the ending shows the similarities between their fates, luckily Betsy survives hers but Zuzana gives the ultimate sacrifice against evil.

Zuzana by far was my favorite character not only did she struggle through her disfigurement but she worked and lived amongst pure evil as best as she could.

The relationship between Betsy (therapist) and Daisy (her patient) is extremely well written, I felt the tension and strangeness that would be present in any therapist/patient relationship that goes beyond the office, it is a true writer who can make the reader feel the same emotions as the characters.

Add this all together with an evil Countess that soaks in the blood of her victims and you got an amazing read!

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