Sunday, March 09, 2014

City of the SunCity of the Sun by Juliana Maio
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Genre: Historical Fiction

A Jewish women on the run and an American journalist acting as a spy become star crossed lovers in Egypt while Rommel's Afrika Corps marches forth with its eye on Cairo.

Maya inhibited by the horrors she faced as she and her brother and father escaped first Nazi Germany and then Vichy France ending up in Cairo after being on the run for some time seems willing but unsure of whether or not to let Mickey into her heart.

Mickey who is not long out of a relationship that ended after 3 years and an engagement plus who is trying to find a scientist for the American government as well so he must keep secrets from Maya which endangers their relationship.

Full of war, desperation, love, pain, and anguish City of the Sun covers a part of World War II that you don't often see in historical fiction and that is the setting in which the book takes place, the African Theatre.

The relationship of Mickey and the Nazi spy, Kesner, and the hatred that they felt to each other represents how their nations felt towards each other and I find that their battles against each other in pursuit of the nuclear scientists are particularly well written.

My favorite character was Dorothy, who was the American Ambassadors secretary, she was brash and full of sass which endeared her to me greatly! And maybe to call her just a secretary would be humbling her position within the embassy a bit.

The ending surprised me a little.

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