Saturday, April 26, 2014

Dead in the Water: A Marjory Fleming ThrillerDead in the Water: A Marjory Fleming Thriller by Aline Templeton (DI Marjory Fleming #5)
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Genre: Mystery/Crime/Thriller

My Likes About This Book:

1.)All my favorite characters are back to work in this one making for an always amusing read due to the comradeship between the series mainstays and well just their odd sense of humors.

2.)Marjory Fleming Thrillers can be read as a series but they are written wonderfully as a stand alone read also. The author adds in a bit of dialogue so you know what you need to know that might have happened in past books in the series but it is not overwhelming which is excellent for those who chose to read these books as a series.

3.)Another great twist in the plot! I didn’t have this one figured out at all not until it was revealed who killed who was then the mystery solved.

4.)Glad Big Marge was able to look into the past to connect with her dad in her own way.

My Dislikes About This Book:

1.)I found the connection between Big Marge’s house helper, Karolina, and Kasper, a Polish troublemaker to be semi out of place in the story, but do not fret about this because later in the story your shown the connections and then you go “Oh, thats what thats all about.” So don’t not finish the book because of the confusion there is quite a connection in the end.

2.)A couple of dry pats that seemed to run on a little longer than they needed to, in my opinion.

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