Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Midnight WitchThe Midnight Witch by Paula Brackston
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Genre: Historical Fiction/Fantasy/Paranormal

I love books about witches! Magical, powerful women are great characters; I know personally that I find them empowering which is great for an introvert who is completely unsure of herself!Lilith is that type of character. She is unsure of herself which means every person can relate to her but she also does what she thinks is the best in the end, she trusts her instincts, and we all wish we could do that automatically without having to second guess ourselves. I did find it annoying that her role as head witch was repeated over and over if I would have heard "But I am head witch" or "But you are head witch" one more time I would have screamed! So her role is given airs and was laid on a little to thick for my liking, I mean we already know she is head witch and we are not idiots so you don't have to repeat it twenty million times. It was just to much.

Engaged to one man, who is her true social equivalent but in love with another, a penniless artist, Lilith makes the right choice she chooses penniless love over a wealthy friendship. Aaahhh, Love!!!

Necromancy is scary but in that adrenaline rising excitement type of way, like riding a really scary roller coaster. To talk to the dead is one thing but to be hounded like Lilith is by the dark spirit sent by the Sentinels, dark wizards, to spy on her and basically make her life miserable just to get to the elixir is quite another thing, it is a wonder she doesn't go a little nuts. Our heroine perseveres of course and is proclaimed to be "Queen of the Night".

Even though I loved this book I still found it to be pretty predictable plot wise but I did find the details dealing with necromancy to be the ones that held my attention in this book.

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