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My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Genre: Mystery/Crime/Thriller

Allende has a way of just plopping you right in the middle of some family’s life and luckily she does it at the most interesting moment! Every time I read one of Allende’s books I become completely engrossed in the characters and their sometimes complex relationships with each other and how it corresponds to the events transpiring in the story. Allende doesn’t leave out the mundane parts of life that still occur even when your world spins upside down there is still laundry to do, kids to feed, litter boxes to empty and this lends to the authenticity you feel from reading this story, this is so true to life it could actually happen, and if you read my reviews you know I like this type of fiction to be as close as literally as is figuratively possible.

My Likes About This Book:

1.)The family dynamic. Even though most of what the Jackson family, well considered family, were not actually blood related Allende wove so many varying, complex characters together to make up this family and they fit just perfectly together each complimenting the other in some way.

2.)Ripper, the game. Very cool way to bring characters together and to be able to bring Amanda, a teenager, into the criminal investigation. I also liked how different all the other players of Ripper was, but they were all needed in some way to help solve the crime.

3.)Attila. Who could resist this dog? I wanted to go out and buy him a mammoth bone! Loyal, kind, and brave; if only most men could have these traits, sigh, lol!

My Dislikes About This Book:

1.)Amanda’s inability to see things right in front of her face. This irritated me to no end especially when the killer is revealed after working so closely with two people how can you not tell. No girl living in a big city such as San Francisco would ever be that naive, it just didn’t seem really true to life in my opinion.

2.)Amanda’s access to police files. Again another not really true to life moments in the book, some talk and exchange of information I see but actually getting autopsy records, no way.

3.)That not relevant parts could be dry sometimes. I know I like that Allende puts in the mundane events with the bizarre events but sometimes I just wanted to skip over them, particularly the ones about Keller.

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