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Midnight in Europe (Night Soldiers, #13)Midnight in Europe by Alan Furst (Night Soldiers #13)
My rating: 2 of 5 stars
Genre: Historical Fiction/Spy Thriller

Cristian Ferrar is a lawyer, a bachelor, a ladies man and now that Fascism and Socialism are threatening to spread their menacing reach across Europe he has added spy and arms buyer to the list.

Cristian was born in Spain but due to political turmoil his family emigrated to France. Wanting to help his home country of Spain in any way he can Cristian finds himself working for the embassy of the Spanish Republic in their fight against General Franco's Facist Army. A lot of international men traveled to Spain to fight for the Republic but Cristian's family commitments of being the only one supporting his father, mother, cousin, and grandmother left him conflicted so he chose his family and didn't join the fighting forces but his job for the embassy was just as important if not more important than joining in the fighting and he still was able to provide for his family. Working with, Max de Lyon, Cristian goes about the task of not only buying arms for the republic but also risking everything to try to get these much needed weapons to the men fighting for the republic. Max has been at the spy game for a long time and shows Cristian how the game is played but don't count Cristian as the Robin to Max's Batman no Cristian's resources and quick thinking get them all out of some sticky situations. The war for the republic of Spain is looking bleak as Franco gets back up from Hitler and Mussolini making Cristian's mission all the more important.

The game of espionage is a dangerous one and Cristian finds himself in quite a few situations where his very life is on the line. Racing across Europe to obtain and ship the armaments for the republic tests not only Cristian's resolve but his wits. I however did not find the thrill that should have been there in the more hairy situations Cristian found himself in because there was a lack of something, it just didn't pull me in.

Espionage is not the only thing on Cristian's mind. Love affairs with three different women from three different countries also keeps him pretty busy, maybe he is trying to compete with 007! One a teacher, another a author/librarian, another a spy, Cristian can sure pick them. The ending had to do with love and not war which is always nice but again there was something lacking, something missing, and I just was like blah which Teed Me Off because this is so my type of book. All in all it wasn't horrible but it wasn't that great either it just was. So unfortunately I was quite disappointed.

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