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The Steady Running of the HourThe Steady Running of the Hour by Justin Go
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Genre: Historical Fiction

Quest's are full of adventure, romance, and hopefully at the end you find what you have been searching for. Tristan's quest does not fail to hit on the first two and for me also the third one depending on your view of whether what he did find in the end was worth what he had lost, for me it was so that is why I would include the third one as also being present in this novel.

Tristan is just a normal "joe" when he gets a letter out of the blue from a law firm in England saying that if he could contact them that maybe both him and the law firm could both benefit from it. Tristan is much more trusting than I would have been I would have thrown that letter in the trash and curse spam mail forever but luckily Tristan is trusting.

Searching back through the past by scouring through items that have survived time Tristan is racing against the clock to prove that Imogen Soames-Andersson, a woman he has never heard of before is actually his great grandmother. Up until that moment Tristan has always assumed that Eleanor, who was Imogen's sister even though Tristan didn't know that his "supposed" great grandmother even had a sister, was his great grandmother but Tristan is about to find out that his family has their share of skeletons in the closet. So who is Tristan's real great grandfather? And what does this all have to do with him and a bunch of lawyers?

The novel is the telling of two stories decades apart but connected to each other through blood. Ashley Walsingham dies in 1924 attempting to climb Mt. Everest leaving behind a large fortune to a woman that he hasn't seen in years, Imogen Soames-Andersson, a fortune that Imogen will never claim. A connection is found that Imogen's sister Eleanor may not have given birth to her daughter Charlotte after all that Charlotte is actually the result of the union of Imogen and Ashley in the weeks before Ashley was to leave to fight in France in World War I. This letter written be Eleanor leaves little doubt that Tristan is Ashley and Imogen's great grandson and that this entitles him to the still unclaimed fortune. But like all good things this one comes with a deadline of two months because if Tristan cannot find more proof by then the 80th anniversary of his great grandfather's death will pass and the fortune will be distributed amongst various charities. This is where Tristan's quest really begins as he follows clues all over Europe searching for lost information that will be his definitive proof that Ashley and Imogen are his great grandparents but soon this search proves more important to him than a vast fortune.

As Tristan's tale unfolds so does Ashley and Imogen's story, they alternate chapters going forward to the present and back through time with each new chapter and each chapter is labeled with the place and date so I wasn't confused at all about where the story was, which can happen when you don't label the chapters for a story that goes back and forth throughout time like this one does. As Tristan visits certain places throughout Europe you get to enjoy the part of Imogen and Ashley's story that occurred in the same place Tristan is in. This I thought was one of the neatest parts of the book because it connected the past and the present with something tangible like a location and anyone who has visited an old battlefield or a town that long ago was ravaged by war you feel that pull from the history of the place that is hard to put into words to describe but that feeling is there none the less and you can imagine Tristan feeling that pull to find out the history of his family and the experiences that they had in these places he visits. Tristan follows every clue and in the end he finds what he was looking for the whole time and I will give you a clue that the pot at the end of the rainbow is not filled with gold!

The Steady Running of the Hour has a little bit of every genre in it, you will find romance, suspense, mystery, history, and lots more on the pages of this book. There were some parts that I felt dragged on to long which made certain parts of this book a little dull for me if not for these parts this book would have been a 5-star but because of them, I gave it 4 stars.

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