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Summer House with Swimming PoolSummer House with Swimming Pool by Herman Koch
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Genre: Mystery/Contemporary

Dr. Marc Schlosser seems stuck in a rut. He sees patient as if in a self-inflicted fog where it is almost as if he is completely outside himself and what is going on in the examination room. Mid-life crisis? Maybe? Not Sure, but he prescribes and prescribes his patients to death, play on words there not literally to death.

Then one day in walks Ralph Meier, a famous actor, who he prescribes and prescribes to, and well Ralph ends up dead, but not from the pills even though they helped mask the symptoms of what was really wrong with him. No Ralph really ended up dead because Dr. Marc, which I can call him because he seems like the type of doctor who wants to be considered cool so you could call him by his first name but don't forget the title Dr. for that is what makes him even cooler, purposely doesn't send in a biopsy, a biopsy he shouldn't even have done in his office but instead a specialist should have done it in a hospital. So Dr. Marc was extremely negligent and his patient dies. Is that all you say? No, don't worry there is a reason he threw the biopsy that he shouldn't even have done away in the garbage like throwing away a banana peel.

Ralph is charismatic and Dr. Marc is swayed by his charms. Ralph invites Dr. Marc and his family, wife Caroline, and two teenaged daughters, Lisa and Julia, to a barbecue where it seems like they all hit it off and generally like each other but Caroline isn't fooled by the famous actors smooth ways and is actually disgusted by the way he looks her up and down and makes perverted jokes around her. But Dr. Marc is in to deep and cannot get past the fact that "Ralph Meier" is not only his patient but is becoming his friend. Ralph invites the whole Schlosser family to their summer house and guess what? It has a swimming pool! Bet you didn't guess, lol!

From there everything get a little weird and the tension in the air is so thick you could slice it with a butter knife. I won't go into much detail here but let you read it for yourself but I will let you know that a tragedy does ensue with one of his daughters, don't worry you won't need tissues she doesn't die but a violent incident does occur. Who could have done a thing like this? Was it Ralph?? Was it the American director staying at the summer house to? No one knows but Dr. Marc has his suspicions so he throws away Ralph's biopsy and this Dr. Marc knows will lead to Ralph's death. But a shocking death bed confession sends Dr. Marc reeling when he realizes he sent the wrong man to his death?

This novel makes you struggle with the "what if's?" in life. What if you thought someone had hurt your child and you held his/her life in your hands. What would you do? Would your sense of revenge and some sort of justice overtake your sense of right and wrong with your moral conscience screaming at you.

I did have some trouble reading this book there is a disconnected feeling I get when I read translated books. I had the same issue when I read Stieg Larsson's books, there just seems like there is a coldness from the author, like he is telling the story standing as far back from the content as possible. I don't know if that makes any sense to any of you but it is just something I felt so I thought I should definitely share that feeling with you in this review. However, that doesn't take away from the content of these translated works.

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