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Midnight Crossroad (Midnight, Texas, #1)Midnight Crossroad by Charlaine Harris (Midnight, Texas #1)
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal/Mystery

Manfred Bernardo just moved to Midnight Texas, what appears to be just a normal washed up town with only one working traffic light is really the place where the weirdest things occur and some of the scariest creatures call home, but Manfred has not considered himself "normal" for a very long time anyway so he thinks he might just fit in.

There are many "interesting" characters living in Midnight, so here is a little run down:
1.) Manfred Bernardo, is Midnight's newest resident and is also a psychic.

2.) Fiji Cavanaugh, lives across the street from Bernardo, and is a witch. Her unusual cat, Mr. Snuggly lives with her (you will find out that Mr. Snuggly is hiding quite the secret from everyone).

3.) Bobo Winthrop, owns the local pawn shop, plus he rents out quite a few properties around town, including the place Manfred is renting out.

4.) Olivia Charity & Lemuel. Both rent out apartments from Bobo and even though they are in some sort of sexual relationship together they do not live together they just live across from each other, weird. So Lemuel is a vampire, he drinks blood but he doesn't have to because apparently he can also drink a person's energy. Olivia I don't think is anything supernatural but she is definitely a kick butt type of girl.

5.) Madonna, Teacher, and Grady. Madonna owns and operates the only restaurant, Home Cookin', in town. Her and Teacher are married and he is the general handyman around town and also picks up a shit or two at the pawn shop and the gas station. Grady is their 8 month old son.

6.) Joe & Chuy. Midnight's only homesexual couple they each run a section of the Antique Gallery and Nail Salon, one restores furniture the other does nails. They also have a dog, Rasta, who is not harboring a secret live Mr. Snuggly but they still hate each other.

7.) The Lovell's, Shawn, Creek, and Connor. Shawn is the owner/operator of the Gas n' Go which is the only gas station in Midnight which is okay because it only needs one. Creek and Connor are Shawn's kids. You can just tell the whole way through the book that there is just something off with this family.

8.) And last but certainly not least is the Reverend Sheehan, a man of few words but when he does talk you can bet it is important so you better listen up. I think Rev. Sheehan is harboring a secret like Mr. Snuggly only that the Reverend's secret is much, much bigger, guess I will have to wait till book #2 comes out to see if we get let in on that little secret or if we will have to wait for the last book, book #3.

Okay so now that we get who the main players are let's move on to what happens...

So a two months before Manfred moved to Midnight Bobo's girlfriend Aubrey went missing and while out on a town picnic Fiji stumbles upon a decomposing corpse and with only one person missing from town it is not hard to summarize who it is.

Once the sheriff starts to investigate Aubrey's death the news that Aubrey was not exactly who she said she was is hard for Bobo and some of the other residents to handle but when Aubrey and Bobo's past, way, way back before they even met each other comes to light it because even tougher, was Aubrey there as a spy for the white supremacist group, the Men of Liberty? And if so what did she want with Bobo? Is anybody really who they say they are?

I love Charlaine Harris so it was no surprise that I love Midnight Crossroad because it is classic Harris storytelling. She really knows how to set a scene and her attention for detail is amazing, seriously I could go into some of these places and find things because she lays them out so descriptively in her books you feel like you are there. And of course I don't think you could ever find a dull character or a boring story line in any of Charlaine Harris's books. Midnight Crossroads is not your average "supernatural" story so don't be expecting to read one!

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