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Sorrow Bound (Aector McAvoy, #3)Sorrow Bound by David Mark (Inspector Aector McAvoy #3)
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Genre: Mystery/Thriller/Crime 

DS Aector McAvoy is having a horrible day, the city is in the middle of an oppressive heat wave and he is stuck in his therapist's office that has no AC and windows that don't open, and worst of all he is happy when his phone rings even though he knows it can't be good news.

Next thing he knows he is standing over the corpse of Philippa Longman who had her chest caved in. Soon another body surfaces, then another, and still another till DS McAvoy is knee deep in dead bodies with only one thing connecting all of them together, Sebastien Hoyer-Wood. All these innocent dead people all helped to save Sebastien Hoyer-Wood's life. The unit that DS McAvoy belongs to is called the Serious and Organized Crime Unit and they were already investigating a local drug organization when the mass murderer got started so to say work was a bit stressful for DS McAvoy would be a bit of an understatement. Think things can't get worse well they can when those being investigated start targeting his family. Writing a crime novel where the same group is running two separate cases is never easy because there can be a lot of confusion between cases but for the most part the author keeps the information from both cases separate enough that you are not mixing people involved in one case into the other case. There were some what the "h..l" moments but for the most part I felt connected to the story and its characters. The novel twists and turns and in the end you are like no way because not till the end do you really know the truth.

Sorrow Bound is the 3rd novel in DS Aector McAvoy series and even though I read this as a stand alone read I did not feel that I missed out on any of the comings and goings in this novel just because I didn't read the first two novels. However, I will definitely be checking out Original Skin and The Dark Winter because after reading Sorrow Bound this feels like another great crime thriller series I could get into.

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