Saturday, August 09, 2014

Life DrawingLife Drawing by Robin Black
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Genre: Literary Fiction

Augusta and Owen seem to live in quit solitude in the country. Previously being city people it is hard to imagine what would drag an artist and a writer out of their beloved city away from all their friends and into the country. Something big! That's What.

All seems to be well on the surface but underneath there is a hot mess that neither one of them seems to want to talk about let alone deal with it to get the closure their relationship so obviously needs.

But life always get interrupted and this interruption is in the form of a neighbor. So at first I thought that either Augusta or Owen would have an affair with this woman and this would be the conflict but I was wrong and the way it goes down hill for all of them is a slippery slope that none of them will ever recover from.

Black really opens up the raw emotions of a marriage or coupling. She also focuses on decisions and consequences that we all face but she shows how our decisions can have such a huge impact on others and can be life altering. Deep and raw. I truly enjoyed this book even though there were a few times I rolled my eyes. Our emotions, our decisions, and the people in our lives can make life or break it. This book is what literary fiction is all about!

Discover: Love, Betrayal, and Grief.

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