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The Auschwitz EscapeThe Auschwitz Escape by Joel C. Rosenberg
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Genre: Historical Fiction

I always find it so difficult to write a review so long after I have read a book, it is not that I don't remember the story, it is just that after awhile there is a disconnection there, it is like trying to dig through all your memories for one particular moment, so bare with me on this one, please.

Jacob Weisz is a young man and normally that would be all used to sum him up upon first glance, but Jacob finds himself in a moment in history where he is not just a young man, but a young Jewish man. Jacob loves Germany, he is very patriotic for one so young, but he sees the country he loves turn against him and others who do not fit Hitler's ideal of the perfect human.

Jacob's struggle is your typical fiction Holocaust story, he works for the resistance, is captured in a raid gone bad and finds himself in Auschwitz. A wonderful blend of action and despair, in these moments it was hard to put the book down I had to know that good would eventually triumph over evil in Jacob's life, I had to see if he survives.

In Auschwitz a French assistant paster Jean-Luc Leclerc enters Jacob's life, he to is in Auschwitz for hiding Jewish families from the Gestapo. Jacob and Jean-Luc both joining a small resistance group that has been formed inside Auschwitz by the prisoners, their main goal is to escape and to inform the world of all the evil things happening not only is Auschwitz but throughout Europe.

Life and death is a central theme throughout the book and really shows the struggles and unselfishness of people who are willing to stand up to this evil and not just give in.

There is a little romance, lots of edge of your seat action, and a huge showing of that thing we call humanity, but there are atrocities that go beyond human understanding, that tear at your heart and soul. Yes I cried during some parts, I cringed, I was ticked off, Rosenberg tore emotions out of me for his characters and their situation with his words.

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