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Broken Harbor (Dublin Murder Squad, #4)
Broken Harbor by Tana French (Dublin Murder Squad #4)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Genre: Mystery/Crime

Broken Harbor follows murder squad detective Mick "Scorcher" Kennedy who was the detective investigating Rosie and Kevin's murders in the previous book in this series, Faithful Place.

So in Faithful Place we first met Scorcher but to tell you the truth I did not particularly care for him, some characters you like some you don't, but anyway I wasn't to keen when I first started reading Broken Harbor because I held onto a little prejudice against him from the previous book. However, I soon changed my mind about old Scorcher once I got to know him past the egotistical attitude that he uses as a shield to keep the dark things from his past from devouring him.

This was a hard read not just because of Scorcher, but because two of the victims are children, young children. So you have been warned don't read further if you cannot stand it.

Patrick Spain, wife Jenny and their two children, Emma and Jack, seemed to be a wonderful family. Even though they were going through some money issues since Patrick got laid off from his job they still appeared happy, appeared being the word here. But underneath Patrick and Jenny were both becoming unstable and both of the children were in danger.

This story has many supporting characters and a web of lies and deceit that are to complicated to try and summarize in the book review so this is going to be short and more of a teaser than most of my reviews.

Scorcher gets assigned to the case at Broken Harbor, Patrick is dead as is Emma and Jack, and Jenny is badly injured and on her way to the hospital not sure if she will make it or not. High-profile does not even begin to describe a case where children have been murdered and Scorcher and his rookie partner, Richie, are going to have to get this one right or else.

There is a back story to the setting of Broken Harbor and how it relates to those dark things from Scorcher's past, for before it was a development it use to be the beach where his family would go during the summer to stay and it is also where Scorcher's mother walked into the ocean one day and killed herself. The really sad part is she had tried to walk into the ocean with Scorcher's youngest sister, Dina, but she survived whereas her mother did not. Their whole world turned upside down, mother dead, father overcome with grief that he just shut down, and Scorcher with sister Geri pretty much raised Dina who is bogged down with a lot of mental issues stemming from her experience that night on the beach with her mother. So Dina flip flops out of Scorcher's life right when he needs to be completely on the job but he constantly is worried about his sister while trying to track down the murderer.

Scorcher and Richie finally have a suspect in custody, Conor Brennan, Pat and Jenny's friend from when they were kids, he was even Emma's godfather, but due to some spat they had a falling out and Conor was no longer involved in their lives. Well they were wrong, for Conor had set up in one of the abandoned homes in the development and was watching the Spain's house. Creepy right!

Scorcher thinks they got their man but Richie is not so sure and keeps putting pressure on Scorcher to keep checking out Pat, Scorcher agrees even though his is so sure Conor was the doer. What Scorcher doesn't know though is that Richie pocketed evidence that directly implicates someone else, neither Conor nor Pat, and if it wasn't for Dina, his sister, than Scorcher may have never known of its existence.

An unreal confession comes out from the evidence and the whole case turns into a huge mess. Richie will never work murder again he is lucky to have even kept his badge but can Scorcher fix up this mess so that justice is served.

Blow's my mind is the perfect way to describe how I feel after I finish one of Tana French's books and even though I didn't care for this one as much as I have some of her others it is still a spectacular story of the messed up lives of ordinary people, I think that is why her books are so relatable I mean the Spain's could be my next door neighbors for crying out loud. A scary look into the mind of Conor just adds to it even though he thought what he was doing was harmless it was still super duper creepy. You'll be putting your blinds down for good after you read this one.

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