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Faithful Place (Dublin Murder Squad, #3)Faithful Place by Tana French (Dublin Murder Squad #3)
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Genre: Mystery/Crime

If you have read this series in order you will realize that even though the books involve a different lead character, that character had played a part in the previous novel. Faithful Place involves Frank Mackey, who was Cassie's undercover handler in The Likeness. When Frank was nineteen the world seemed full of so many possibilities. Him and his girl, Rosie, were going to run away together and live in their own little romantic world. But reality sets in for Frank when Rosie doesn't show up at their designated meeting place on the night that they are to leave for London and their new life together. Frank of course ends up leaving without Rosie not for London but instead for Dublin where he joins the police force and ends up becoming a detective in the undercover squad. Thinking Rosie left for London without him, because of a note that she left him in an old building they all used to hang out in, Frank puts her out of his mind as much as he can. He got married, had a daughter, got a divorce, but no matter what Rosie is always there in the back of his mind trying to push her way back into his thoughts. A regular day for Frank ends up spinning his world out of control when he gets a phone call from his sister, that building, their hangout, Number 16, is being torn apart for some type of renovation and inside the workers find Rosie's suitcase, she had packed to leave, but did she just leave the case behind? Maybe she forgot about it? Or is there something much more sinister going on that no one wants to think about?? The case leads Frank on a search of the old building with his brother Kevin where they discover concrete slabs that were the size of a person, covering up something. Frank quickly calls the techs of forensics to get them down to see what is under those concrete slabs, finding a body badly decomposed, rotting under those slabs of concrete the tech bureau quickly calls in the murder squad and the pathologist, Cooper. Is it Rosie's body they just discovered? Or someone else? Not able to identify her right away due to the state of the body the police cannot tell Frank for sure who it is but deep down Frank knows Rosie didn't stand him up that night they were to run away instead someone had made sure that it didn't happen. Mick, also known as Scorcher is the murder detective assigned to the case and even though him and Frank were in the academy together Scorcher firmly tells Frank to back off that he will solve this just like he does all his other cases, Scorcher having the best solve rate of anyone else on the Murder squad has given him a bit of an ego. Frank dying to know what is going on with the case finds Stephen, one of the officers working with Scorcher basically doing grunt work like checking phone and bank records, and promises him a way out of the floater pool and into a squad if he is willing to share information about the case. Seeing a golden opportunity for quick advancement Stephen jumps at the chance despite his misgivings about sharing such information with Frank. Another murder occurs, Frank's brother Kevin, rocking Frank's world off its axis. Even though the police ruled it a suicide Frank knows that this is another murder and the murderer has done this before because this was the work of Rosie's murderer. Holly, Frank's daughter, has figured it out that Kevin and Rosie's killer is a member of her family on her father's side and she goes to great lengths to show her father what she had figured out. Everything is still topsy turvy and now that Holly's involved Frank must do all that he can to put the murderer behind bars, even if he is family. Another psychological maze from the brilliant mind of Tana French! Pulling us in to the lives of ordinary people and surrounding us with their inner demons and torments makes French one of the best writers of psychological fiction out there.

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