Friday, September 26, 2014

Imagine: How Creativity WorksImagine: How Creativity Works by Jonah Lehrer
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Genre: Non-Fiction

Imagine is an in depth look into creativity and how it seems that some of us are more creative than others. The book goes into great detail about various studies about creativity and their results without being boring and quickly shows how certain brain waves, areas of the brain, and different techniques not only show creativity but that they can make a person more creative, that you can change your mind into that of a creative person.

A look at different creative people and the ways that drug and alcohol use made them more creative was a particularly interesting part of the story, almost like a tattler magazine. But the stories about Google and Pixar and the way that the whole environment from the layout to their work schedules promotes so much creativity.

The book is broken into two parts: the creativity of the individual and the creativity of a group. I didn't focus to much attention on the creativity of a group part of the book but it was still chock full of ideas of how to promote and create creativity in groups of people. The individual creativity I found so interesting it is amazing how the brain works in regards to creativity and how you can retrain the brain to be more creative.

If you are looking for more creativity in your life and would like to understand how creativity works than this is the book for you!

Side note: I learned later that some of the Bob Dylan quotes in this books were fabricated to read more about this go to: My Apology

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