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The Likeness (Dublin Murder Squad, #2)The Likeness by Tana French (Dublin Murder Squad #2)
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Genre: Mystery/Crime

It is said that everyone has a double out there.
Vampire diaries made doppelganger a household word.
It was even on Word Girl:
Need I say more.

But back to the book.
Detective Cassie Maddox is without a partner and is pretty miserable because she no longer works in the murder squad (like she was in book #1) but instead works for the domestic violence unit. Even though she has Sam, the boyfriend, Cassie is still pretty restless, that is until she gets a terrifying call from Sam making sure that she is alive.

Yeah I know but this is where the story gets good.

Cassie has a doppelganger.
An unrelated twin so to speak.
But that "twin" is found murdered.
And Sam freaks because he thinks he is looking at Cassie's dead murdered body.

See I told you it got good.
It gets better.
Cassie used to work in the undercover unit before she transferred to the murder squad and it turns out our murdered "twin" was using one of Cassie's old undercover aliases. So not only is Sam freaking out but Cassie's old handler, who still works in undercover, Frank is also there and boy does he have the perfect idea on how to catch the killer.

Even though they have no idea of the actual identity to the murdered woman, she was going by Alexandra J. Madison, who Cassie portrayed while undercover trying to break up a drug ring at Trinity College. So our murdered victim was obviously hiding from something and using Cassie's old alias to do it with. This is where the doppelganger stuff gets a little weird, Vampire Diaries is obviously fantasy/supernatural but this book is suppose to be as real as possible and there is no way that someone looks so much like someone else that they move into that person's life to find out who killed them, but that is actually what Frank has in mind and he wants Cassie to go undercover once again.

So completely ready to do this Cassie first has to study the life of "Alex" to be able to fool all 4 of her housemates. They are Rafe, Justin, Daniel, and Abby; and boy can you said weird I thought my friends were weird (just like me) but nope these five friends take the cake for weirdness. However, I did just finish Donna Tartt's The Secret History and there is definitely a tie going on there for the weirdest friendships in fiction award.

All college students, but not your typical, stereotype of parties and late night studying. They all lived in the same house, which a little piece of is owned by all five of them, even though it was passed down to Daniel from Uncle Simon, who was a shut-in (PTSD from some war) and tended to avoid pretty much anything and everything, so the house is basically falling apart and they are all working at trying to put it back to working order once again. There is some tension on this subject however because Daniel wasn't the only living relative, cousin Ned is not to happy that the big house was given to Daniel, who split ownership of it up with the other four, because Ned wanted to bulldoze it to the ground and build something to make himself some big money. Unfortunately none of the mates saw it this way the house was important to them that is until "Alex" had found herself pregnant and needed a way out. Yep total shocker to me to. Which one do you think is the dad: Justin, Rafe, or Daniel?

Cassie starts to get comfortable in "Alex's Life" and begins to play a very dangerous cat and mouse game with Daniel that could wind up with her cover being blown to the others or worse. This book is a pure head game full of smart diabolical moves on the housemates part, but Cassie knows that her time in the house is running out can she get to the bottom of this murder or will she crash and burn?
An ending you won't see coming but in true Tana French fashion all the pieces fall together right after and the whole story just clicks and you know that you just read a great psychological thriller.

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