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Night Dawn DayNight Dawn Day by Elie Wiesel (The Night Trilogy)
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This book consist of three different stories the first Night is Wiesel's most famous memoir of his experiences as a Jewish teenager during World War II and his survival of Auschwitz and other camps. I had read Night before, because it is published separately from Dawn/Day even though in this version the stories are published in one volume, as required reading in a class I took in college on the Holocaust and I have read it quite a few times since then it is one of those stories not only where you can glimpse the evil that man is capable of but you can see the struggle against death and evil and how the human spirit can persevere through so many horrors.

With Dawn Wiesel spins a story of historical fiction, our narrator has survived the Holocaust and now lives in British controlled-Palestine but now instead of being the victim he is the executioner of an English hostage. In Dawn Wiesel is showing us how the narrator, after seeing and surviving so many atrocities, contemplates the execution that he has been ordered to carry out.

In Day Wiesel writes another tale of historical fiction but this one appealed to me as a reader more than Dawn did because it shows how life can be for someone who is trying to live, though as a walking ghost sometimes, after witnessing and surviving so many atrocities during the Holocaust. The suffering is raw and though it is easy to get mixed up in what the narrator is trying to portray if you just take your time with this story and re-read some of the parts you will never be as close to understanding the life of a survivor after the incident and this applies not only to those that survived the Holocaust but to those that have survived any truly horrific experience.

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