Tuesday, September 16, 2014

We Are Not OurselvesWe Are Not Ourselves by Matthew Thomas
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Genre: Literary Fiction

We Are Not Ourselves, is the story of Eileen and Ed, broken down into different parts of their life as they progressed. The author begins with Eileen and her life before Ed. Here is where we as readers can get a grasp on those things from life that influenced and changed Eileen into the woman she had become. Then Ed enters her life and even though he is obsessed with his work him and Eileen seem to lead an ordinary married life they even manage to find the time to have a child. But Eileen has there son and her job to keep her occupied but there is a whole left there by the long absences of Ed. Ed had ambition when it came to his research but didn't worry to much about money or how the other half lived but Eileen wanted more. She wanted to live in a house instead of an apartment. She wanted nice things. She just didn't know how to convey this want to Ed and they constantly fought about it, especially when Eileen decided it was time for them to move out of the apartment and into a house. Eileen picked out the house without Ed and Ed went along with it in the end because he loves Eileen. The house was nice but now needs a lot of work done to it to make it beautiful once more but Eileen knows between her and Ed's salaries that they would be able to make it work they always had. Here is where the bottom drops out. Ed has been forgetting things, getting frustrated easily over the simplest things that he can no longer figure out, he begins to get very angry and soon finds himself dealing with an Alzheimer's diagnosis. The job of a professor and researcher is full of skills and knowledge that Ed once had but can no longer find within his mind, so the university decides that Ed can no longer work there and Eileen is left to care for Ed and work just so they can hang on to the roof over their heads and to put food in their stomachs. Overwhelmed and overworked Eileen has tried everything to take care of Ed but she comes to realize that that hope is no longer possible. Consumed by guilt of placing Ed in a nursing home and the sadness of watching him rapidly decline Eileen visited rigorously in order to make up for it but she knew deep down that her Ed was slowly and painfully disappearing before her eyes. We Are Not Ourselves shows us that life is not only fragile but sometimes just down right cruel. From the start to the finish it follows Ed and Eileen's story until the very end. Courage, love, anger, frustration, and every other emotion is thoroughly explored and felt in this book it also shows the harsh and unfair descent of Alzheimers and how it effects not just the sufferer but also the family members involved. I cried when Ed dies and even cursed at my Nook, for that is what I was reading it on, but I am truly honored to have read this story even though it is fiction Ed and Eileen felt so real to me that even as I write this it is hard for me to find the words to talk about them as just characters in this book for they felt that real. If you get the chance to sit down to read a book soon make sure the book you are picking up is We Are Not Ourselves!

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