Monday, December 28, 2015

The Black Country (Scotland Yard's Murder Squad, #2)The Black Country by Alex Grecian (Scotland Yard's Murder Squad #2)
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Genre: Mystery/Historical Fiction

In the second installment of the Scotland Murder Squad series we find our heroes, Inspector Walter Day and the newly promoted Sergeant Nevil Hammersmith traveling from the grimy streets of London out to a section of the British Midlands, called “the Black Country”. A family has disappeared, well not the whole family, just the mother, father, and youngest boy; the other children, two girls and another boy are perfectly safe and sound at home. And boy are the other three children acting a bit shady. Actually every single person in this mining town acts shady making them all suspects in my book.

Uncomfortable in their surroundings, Nevil and Walter, walk right into a town full of superstitions and secrets. Actually keeping secrets seems to be this town’s forte. What I don’t understand is after they were almost poisoned why did they not run for the nearest train station, I know I would have! The town is sinking into the mines and there is a sickness going around that no one quite understands including the town doctor, but Walter and Nevil are as dogged as ever to figure out this crime, especially considering one of the victims is a small child.

This book gave me the heebie jeebies, especially with suspiciously creepy children in it, it is like the movie, The Good Son!! I wanted to hide from my own children in case they held murder in their hearts, lol, just kidding I had to be a bit theatrical about it!

Another awesome read, but it was a bit slower paced than the first book in the series was. Another bit I didn’t to much care for was the prose that included the ground caving in and houses going with them, the words just left me feeling a bit dizzy and off balanced, but other than those two minor things I really, really liked this one. Oh and also prepare yourself for the ending you will be like “what the *#%!”. Seriously.

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