Mandatory masks and books in quarantine: in Levallois, the media library is preparing to reopen.

Mandatory masks and books in quarantine: in Levallois, the media library is preparing to reopen.

Mandatory masks and books in quarantine: in Levallois, the media library is preparing to reopen.

As in several other towns in the Hauts-de-Seine, the cultural facilities will initially operate only for the collection of books reserved by Internet or telephone.

They have appeared everywhere. After having colonized shops and schools, Plexiglas protective screens and floor markings have been swarming in recent days in the media libraries of the Hauts-de-Seine. Most of them reopened this week and have had to adapt to the new health standards.

At the Gustave-Eiffel media library in Levallois, the new equipment was deployed last week, in anticipation of the reopening on Tuesday, May 26, but residents will not be able to come and stroll through the shelves of books and comic strips, nor settle into the red chairs in the periodicals area to read the newspaper.

Initially, as is the case throughout the department, the media library will operate on a “click and collect” basis, so that from Saturday onwards, residents can reserve books on the media library’s website and then choose a time slot to come and collect them on the spot the following day.

The number of works and the length of the loan period extended

“The mask will be obligatory, there will be two lines of entries, two for the exit and the books will be given in bags”, explains Sophie Perrusson, director of the cultural pole of the city which set up this new organization.

Another change is the possibility to borrow up to 20 books for a period of two months, with a reduced staff of 14 people as opposed to the usual 25, but with 32 hours of opening hours per week, from Tuesday to Saturday.

The health crisis demands the utmost care in handling books. So, for librarians, gowns, masks and gloves are mandatory.” As soon as they return, the books are cleaned with a disinfectant and then quarantined for four days,” explains the director, pointing to the tables on which piles of books are waiting.

Since the deconfinement, the clean-up has begun with the first returns of books borrowed before 16 March, with a total of 22,000 books expected.

“It’s harder to pick books off the Internet, but we’ll deal with it.”

Sophie, 44 years old, came to bring back several dozen children’s books borrowed in extremis on March 13th for her 5-year-old daughter.” It was very useful for us,” says the mother, who intends to renew the stock quickly for the traditional evening story.

“It’s harder to choose books on the Internet for children who like to look at them before borrowing them, but we’re going to make do with them, and it’s already very good news that this reopening is taking place,” adds the Levalloisienne.

Blocked at home, the inhabitants have not completely abandoned their media library, and the number of visits to the digital readings made available on the site has increased considerably.

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